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About Furuyoni Simulator

 Please use a PC browser to play. This is a simulator of the boardgame 「Sakura Arms」.
This simulator supports online play and spectating, and can be used to play against your friends. It can also be used for hotseat gaming by opening two screens on one PC.

 Note that this is just a simulator, not a full matchmaking tool. For this reason, rules and board management are largely not automated. Players will need to manually perform actions such as moving cards and Sakura tokens, and decreasing their life when being attacked.

 Given the above restrictions, we recommend the use of voice chat such as Discord to facilitate games.

 If you wish to find an opponent, please use the Discord server below (Japanese).

Notes on current version

  • In the current version, all 24 Megami in Shinmaku Season 8-2 are playable. (Another Megami are also available. Tutorial Honoka & Utsuro are not available.)
  • At present, this simulator is operated as a semi-official tool by the creator (ポン) with the assistance of BakaFire Party. Subsidies will continue at least until the end of December 2024. After that, discussions will be held between BakaFire Party and the creator of the simulator to determine whether to continue or end.
  • Images of this simulator are used with permission of BakaFire Party.
  • In this simulator, you can select the language and use Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. However, languages other than Japanese are not official languages supervised by BakaFire Party, and it is not guaranteed that they are correct translations.

Contact Information

Please send us your opinions, requests, impressions and bug reports to any of the following.

Change log

To see update history (in Japanese), please check the top page of the Japanese version.